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X-mas day!!!

X-mas Day!!!

X-mas day!!!

Is the most wonderful time of the year”Christmas”.
Time to cherish peace and goodwill. Time to share love, compassion, mercy.A holiday to remember Jesus birth .
For many ,time to party and for most of us, time to decorate our homes  with lights, candles, christmas trees,and beautiful fresh cut flowers.  In many nations, seasonal flowers and plants form a major part of Chistmas decoration. Every person has their personal own touch when selecting their flowers and colors.
Floral arrangements begin with greenery, like a scented pine, cypress, cedar, etc.  traditional holiday colors are red and green, specially mint green.
Think pink; use deep shades; white , winter wonderland; burgundy is warm. Even violet is great in flowers. Many like to use painted branches in gold and silver.
Poinsettias are the favorite during Christmas holidays; color can range from  creamy to pink and orange to the traditional red. But besides the poinsettias, roses, amarillys, carnations, lilies (candy cane lily is very nice); star of bethlehem, tulips, spider, daisies……and probably any flower is good , as far as you selectthem in the typical christmas colors, already mentioned.  Other options are glittered and tinted flowers for special occasions and settings.

I would say, fresh cut flowers are an essential element for any event and enhance your experience.
Christmas is all about Love and flowers are love expressions.Make this holiday season an explosion of colorful flowers and greens.

Written by,

Lourdes Goico.

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