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Working with designers and more than just tropicals.

Working With Designers And More Than Just Tropicals.

My name is Danapris Mendez, I spend most of my time working with designers’ requests, helping them get what they need, when they need it, of it all fresh and over the top.  One morning a very good  customer calls me and asks to please help them figure out how much square feet does a Sheet Moss box covers, since they needed to mimic the floor of a forest (5,000 sq ft.).  Where 20 foot high dry trees were to rule the skyline full of Green Ganging Amaranthus and Spanish Moss.  Well you can imagine the rest. The order turned out to be as I called it, a truck load of Sheet Moss. Lesson learned- you never know what to expect and what they will need when dealing with designers. But one thing is for sure, you must be available, able and willing to go the extra mile to answer their questions even if it takes getting down dirty by taking a part and puzzling up to measure a box sheet moss.

Tropicals & Flowers are just 2 categories as our company the name implies but please don’t let that fool you. We carry everything in the trade from Branches to Fillers to Roses to Novelties to Orchids to Greens including seasonal categories like x-mass greens. Call me/us and I will assure you I can get your request fulfilled from a Rose to a Bat Flower. I am your tool at ALLURE FARMS use it wisely.

Wanted to share this beauty of a stem with you today.

Seasonal & not always available

*Bat Flower*

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