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A Russian wedding

A Russian Wedding

Dear Readers,
I want to share with you my recent experience of a large floral event we have nicknamed; “ A Russian Wedding”.  This is a large wedding order that we had for a great Russian Client he is a world class business man who has extensive floral experience as part owner of a Russian Flower Company and is also partners of other business.
“ The Russian Wedding” is for his son who was recently married December 2nd had a fabulous wedding with lots and lots of high end flowers.  The order was filled by the best of the best, and by that not all of it was by us, about half of it we did ; ¼ of it another Orchid Company did, and the other ¼ Russian Rose buyers filled.  You will see the detail of how extensive the Visual of Flowers were for this wedding.
First, the focal item with probably the highest scarcity in quality and quantity are one thousand six hundred stems of white 5/7 bloom Phalaenopsis Fresh Cut Orchids. These were sourced from Vietnamese Greenhouses which specialize in them. These stems average about Fifteen Dollars a stem.
Second, another important and delicate item are the roses from the Russian Buyers from his Company. The Rose order for the Russian Wedding calls for Five thousand Tibet Ecuadorian Roses , two thousand Sahara Roses and Two thousand Cool water Roses! Wow what a rose spine a plenty for the designers hand!
Finally we get to see our hard work, we at ALLURE FARMS had a challenging part of the order.  He demands nothing but the best flowers for his event and must be the proper colors so we did do a sample .  The Flowers for the event that I needed would call for one thousand eight hundred jumbo blue/purple antique hydrangeas, one thousand two hundred jumbo white hydrangea, two thousand stock double white, one thousand green amaranthus hanging, one thousand five hundred hyacinth double blue, five hundred square feet of mood moss. The buyers got to work!

We successfully got it all and the client was very pleased, we don’t have pictures yet but will update them as soon as possible!.

Written by,
Daniel Uribe

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