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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

The most special day of the year Mother’s Day, it is amazing how you can find such a variety of flowers for this day, my favorite variety of flowers for this wonderful day are  tropical flower,  specifically Tropical bouquets. We can take different shapes and sizes; I can introduce the most beautiful bouquets, varieties and colors.  


The elegance Round bouquet is a beautiful bouquet with red ginger, Heliconias, green and beautiful French kiss, that give it a special touch.



Birds of paradise bouquet.  Three stems bird of paradise, leaves and clear sleeve


Brought from different countries, have excellent quality that will satisfy your taste; nature is beautiful and gives us a lot of varieties. tropical anthuriums, heliconias, gingers, pincushions, proteas, orchids, besides this we have many other kinds of beautiful flowers like roses, carnations, pompoms, fillers, greens and more . For mom is no specific flower or color, how important it is the love we give flowers, do your next stop to buy here, where you can find a very good customer service as we offer more variety to buy we have an extensive range of flowers, colors, sizes and shapes, which will be of great for you and your customers, call us to have the pleasure to serve you and to be able to supply all your needs.

Written by,
Isabel Chacon

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