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Valentine’s Day!!!


Valentine’s day is almost upon us and we’re here to help you spread the love. Our staff is very busy planning, checking, and planning again. We are inspecting all the way down to the farm level for fine quality production during one of our biggest flower holidays. Our cupid ears are alert and listening, ready to take down all of your orders in hopes of guiding your arrows of love to your final target. We’d like to lend a helping hand and remind you to plan ahead this holiday season. Remember, supply will be limited and we’d like to help you maximize your selling potential by offering our most competitive promotions and affordable price lists for your clients. Our extensive line of products from the best farms around the world are available in various quantities from small to large. This is a valuable tool we offer to help meet all of your customer’s demands in an instant without having to run around for options. We offer you our daily inventory to help inspire your floral creativity, modern and traditional alike, options for every occasion, style, and person in everyone’s life.

And so it is during this joyful time of remembrance that I raise my overflowing champagne flute and, with a belly full of bon bons, wish you happy holidays, a prosperous new year and a loving Valentine’s day.

written by,
Vicky Garcia.

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